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Ali and Paul Luke

Oxford, UK

Music Lessons for Babies. Kitty (22 months) really enjoyed her first term at Little Genius Music. She can be quite shy in groups, and it took her a couple of weeks to settle in, but Zamna reassured us that Kitty was taking in what was happening -- and we were delighted to see her repeating bits of songs, and actions, at home. She loves practicing her different voices with us, and can do "loud voice", "humming voice", "low voice", "high voice", and "quiet voice" (we are VERY grateful that Zamna taught her about "quiet voice" as Kitty now has a three-week-old baby brother, Nick)!Many of the songs from the group have become firm favourites: Kitty particularly likes "Uncle John" and "Head, Tummy, Toes", and can make a good attempt at singing both. We've also noticed that sometimes when she hears a song, she'll pat her hands up and down to keep a beat/pulse, just like Zamna teaches the children to do in the group.Zamna isn't just musically gifted: she's also warm, welcoming, and has a great way with children. She helped all of us feel comfortable and secure at the group (both of us parents have attended at different points) and we're very much looking forward to next term -- Kitty has been asking to go back to "Zamna's group" all through the holidays, and we're looking forward to taking baby Nick along too.

Teresa Liu

Oxford, UK

Music Lessons for Toddlers.'Little genius is not another music group for toddlers. It has definetely helped to improve my toddler's concentration and has started to develop a deeper sense for rythm. It is conducted in such a fun  way that my toddler doesn't realised he is learning serious music!'


Oxford, UK

Music Lessons for Toddlers. 'My boys (2 and 4) love the music class of Little Genius. They learn rhythm and new songs that they perform/sing during the rest of the week. The class is set up very well where kids learn music by playing/singing in a playful and age appropriate way.
Zamna is a great teacher with passion for the philosophy behind the way music is taught. She is very friendly and both my boys loved her from the beginning. I can definitely recommend this class to any family with young children.' 

Huw W.

Oxford, UK

Music Lessons for Babies. 'Having been given a flyer in town one day, we thought the class sounded interesting and decided to see if our 21 month old son would enjoy going along. We were keen for him to have as many different types of activities to attend each week. 
This is now our second term and we all thoroughly enjoy the class. Our son is developing a real love for music and Zamna's way of teaching keeps him engaged throughout the class. He really does enjoy the singing, movement and all the amazing instruments Zamna produces! He is learning structure, rhythm and melody without realising it.

Zamna has a lovely way with the children and such a desire for them to be grounded in the basics of music and movement. She observes and instructs each child individually according to their particular likes and interests and I think the adults learn too and certainly enjoy the time there! My wife commented that of all the classes our son attends each week, Zamna's was her favourite.'


Oxford, UK

Music lessons for Toddlers. 'My 3 year old daughter loves the Little Genius Music classes. She has never been very keen on the usual toddler music and singing groups that I have ocassionally tried elsewhere, however when I saw the Little Genius class advertised, I thought I'd give it a go and to my surprise, she loves it. She really concentrates during the class, laughs and has fun and really enjoys it.'

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