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Music Lessons for Babies and Toddlers in Oxford.

From birth to primary school levels we have the right class for your little musician!

Our classes are plenty of fun, movement and imagination. Children do not learn through intellectual abstractions, they are naturally driven by feelings, senses and emotions. Music is the universal language that can help children to develop their cognitive skills.


Each class program is developed taking into account the developmental stage of each child. 





Discoverers ( 0 to 2 yrs)

10 lessons per term - 55 pounds

Early years are the fundation of all developmental stages. Babies develop new neuron conections through external stimulation. Music is an excellent way to awake senses and prepare the path for language development and motor skills.


Very intimate sessions with mother and baby involving  songs, toys, colors and touch.  

Explorers (3 to 4 yrs old)

10 lessons per term - 55 pounds

A creative space to feel music in action. Toddlers imagination is the raw material for our sessions. Singing folksongs to learn unconciusly the basic elements of music.

Children develop the 'good musician's features' and practice them through singing games and rhytmic movements. 

The use of different percussion instruments like gathering drums, claves, xylophones, maracas and egg shakers develop the sense of goup music making and trained the ear for performance.

Conquerors (5 to 6 yrs old)

10 lessons per term - 55 pounds

Preescholers start with the basics of music reading. Using animal cards to identify metre ( the number of beats in a bar). Kinesthetic activities prepare sight-singing based on the repertoire of songs developed in previous music levels.


Performers (7 to 8 yrs old)

10 lessons per term - 55 pounds

Our little musicians have acquired a solid understanding of the music concepts. Now is time to put them in to practice. Complex rhythms, wider range on melodies, two part hearing, conducting and improvisation. With all this solid music fundation, a child is ready to take on his prefered second instrument. (remember, if you can sing it, you can play it).

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