Our goal is to build up a solid musical base for the next generations.


Little Genius Music  is based upon the philosophies of Zoltán Kodály and Jacques- Dalcroze.


We firmly believe that music education should be taught from a very young age as the cornerstone of every child development. 


Music education has a particular formative power.

Songs and games have a positive effect on a child’s emotions and develop their imagination and confidence.


You learn to speak, then to read=You learn how music works, then you play an instrument.


Before considering any formal tuition in a musical instrument, a child has to be able to understand how music works. Little Genius Music is aimed to be a space where music concepts as Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Dynamics and Improvisation can be felt and lived through singing, movement and imagination.


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Music lessons for Babies and Toddlers in Oxford,  UK and Marseille , France

"there are regions of the human soul, which can be illuminated only through music"  Kodaly